1. What is Activated Carbon fabric?

Zorflex® double-laminated activated carbon cloth is made with one layer of knitted activated carbon cloth laminated to a top and bottom layer of durable polyester fabric. Activated carbon is extremely porous which allows it to trap and contain odors.

2. What is double-laminated activated carbon cloth used for?

Bindica uses double-laminated activated carbon cloth for superior odor control to significantly contain the odor of cannabis products during storage. Other uses for double-laminated activated carbon cloth include air and water purification, gas masks and artifact protection.

Bindica’s own research testing and customer testimonials show how effective the activated carbon lining is for cannabis home storage.

3. Are all Bindica bags handmade?

No. We carry a handmade line in a flat design for storing in drawers or on shelves, for instance. We also carry a factory-made line, manufactured near Boulder, Colorado. The factory-made line offers several pattern combinations all in the same larger-sized bag style. These bags can be used for display areas and they stand up on their own.

4. Are Bindica bags child-proof or locked?


5. How long does the activated carbon fabric contain odors?

The Activated Carbon fabric resource we use says their cloth adsorbs odors for as long as five years once initially cut. Bindica takes care to keep the Activated Carbon fabrics wrapped in plastic to promote longevity of the odor adsorption function.

6. What is your return policy?

If you are dissatisfied with your product, simply return for a full refund within 14 days of purchase. Send any questions or concerns to info@bindica.com.

7. Why is cannabis home storage important?

The modern age of cannabis use and access in Colorado offers incredible variety, unprecedented details about health benefits and connoisseur-level taste discriminations. Whether for fun or for health, pot use has entered a new era of well-deserved positive light.

Just as important as finding the right cannabis product experience is finding the right cannabis product storage solution. If you store cannabis in your home, you've likely experienced the need to contain the cannabis odor lest your stylish work wardrobe becomes an odorous pot field. Many cannabis storage solutions offer odor-reduction, but often at the cost of style.

Bindica was born of the desire to have practical odor-reducing storage at home while maintaining a high sense of style.

8. Will Bindica bags contain cannabis odor well enough to fool police dogs?

Bindica bags are not for illegal use or illegally traveling with cannabis products. We focus on responsible home storage of legally acquired cannabis products only.