Our Story

Visit any swanky boutique dispensary and you can learn about the cannabis varietal aromas, the sensations they invoke and the benefits they achieve. There are countless options for taking pot; flower, patches, vape pens, creams, tinctures. For anyone wanting and willing, there is a cannabis solution for you.

Bringing a few options home quickly presents a shocking problem. When storing cannabis in a private space like a closet or drawer, your wardrobe reeks of pot, even when you're not using it! Forever admiring practical solutions and with a relentless insistence on high style for everything, Bindica designers set about to create the ideal cannabis home storage solution. Bindica designs each bag with two goals in mind: superior odor-control and a look that makes it essential. 

Designed and created in the mountains near Boulder, Colorado, Bindica bags are developed with quality cannabis home storage in mind.

The Materials

The exterior and interior fabrics are made from thicker canvas or upholstery fabrics lined with double fleece or extra-thick interfacing for stability and increased odor containment. They are also lined with an activated carbon fabric that offers exceptional odor adsorbency. We use thick water-resistant zippers and high-quality stitching to further reduce odor leakage.

The Designs

Our current line offers effective storage solutions that can be stashed away in a drawer or closet but are elegant enough to be showcased on open shelves. We release designs seasonally, based on availability, taking inspiration from talented fabric designers and inspirational things in both nature and in cities. Only fabrics that cause us to stop, pause and drool a little are considered.