The Journey of Bindica Peace Pouches

I am Kelly, the designer at Bindica. I feel very fortunate to be able to create things that interest me and am finding my most recent project, Bindica Peace Pouches, particularly moving. I have an international family and friend-base. My husband is a European citizen, one of my best friends is from Egypt. Being an American has been disorienting this past year and I am constantly looking for a way not to feel lost and to (re)define my cultural identity. I am looking for the sense of humanity and values that went missing in recent times.

Bindica Peace Pouches are my cathartic journey to stabilize and proclaim a global and simply human identity. By literally sewing fabrics from various countries together, I seek to imply their reliance on one another. In this project, the countries’ fabrics are coexisting, working together to achieve the goal of holding and protecting cannabis. Another product could be held in a Bindica Peace Pouch, but cannabis has an exceptionally peaceful quality. It is nature, like we are, and it brings peace, like we can.

I hope Bindica Peace Pouches can help you and others find peace as well. Thanks.

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