Only cannabis-related vendor at classic art fair

Recently, the Bindica crew set up shop at a popular Denver artisan fair. The fair hosted a variety of classic artist creations, from stunning pottery to hand-sewn dog ornaments and many others. We quickly noticed that Bindica was one of the only cannabis-related vendors at this long-standing annual fair. It was an interesting introduction of cannabis merchandise in a mainstream venue. Here are some experiences from that show…

Many people laughed. Whether they were uncomfortable or just surprised, some customers of the fair would approach Bindica’s booth, perhaps drawn in by the interesting colors and patterns of our bags. Then, once they read the clearly marked sign saying, “Contain your Cannabis in High Style,” they would almost jump backwards and chuckle and some would walk away.

One person scoffed as if disgusted. In two days worth of crowds, only one person noticeably scoffed upon seeing the word cannabis. We did not approach them for further comment.

Many people had questions. The majority of fair attendees that took the time to stop at our booth actually engaged inquisitively about the product. We typically stick to describing how effective our bags are at containing the odors of cannabis but some customer questions allowed a broader conversation about family, friends or their own cannabis use.

Most people were pleased. Of the folks we chatted with, most showed a genuine appreciation of the issue that is solved by a Bindica bag, which is how to cover cannabis odor when storing cannabis at home. We heard several exclamations of “What a great idea!” And lots of comments about how lovely the materials were.

Overall, Bindica handed out more than 150 business cards to folks who seemed to show a positive association toward our products.

Although Colorado clearly supports marijuana legalization overall, there is still a stigma to the industry that will no doubt take time for mainstream acceptance. Whether for medical, good health or for fun, cannabis and its accessories are making their way into more people’s lives. We at Bindica see this as a positive move toward general peace in our everyday lives. Our experience at the artisan fair this holiday season was encouraging and enlightening. We are happy to have been a part of the movement into mainstream life and thank  the vendors for having us. 

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