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I have had the bag for quite some time now and absolutely love it so much. Completely smell proof, and the straps and pocket are holding up nicely. I seriously recommend buying one of these bags! 100% worth the price! I love this bag! It's so cute and really the perfect size for me!


Love my Bindica bag! High quality, great attention to detail, definitely worth every penny. My stinky stash doesn't stink anymore - the charcoal inner really works!!! The outside fabric is adorable!!!


Love, love, LOVE my new Bindica bag! Great communication with seller and the bag shipped quickly. Fabric is bright and heavyweight - will definitely last a long time. I ordered mine with the charcoal inner and it works PERFECTLY! I keep my Colorado goodies in my closet and was looking for a way to keep the "green stink" out. Problem solved! Thank you!!!


What are Bindica Bags?

Each Bindica bag is fully lined with double-laminated, activated carbon fabric, providing the superior ability to cover weed smell. A cannabis storage accessory that takes both style AND smell proof storage seriously. Bindica bags… smell proof storage accessories that cover cannabis odor.

Why is cannabis home storage important?

The modern age of cannabis use and access in Colorado offers incredible variety, unprecedented details about health benefits and connoisseur-level taste discriminations. Whether for fun or for health, pot use has entered a new era of well-deserved positive light.

Just as important as finding the right cannabis product experience is finding the right cannabis storage solution. If you store cannabis in your home, you've likely experienced the need to contain the cannabis odor lest your stylish work wardrobe becomes an odorous pot field. Many cannabis storage solutions offer odor-reduction, but often at the cost of style.

Bindica was born of the desire to have practical odor-reducing storage at home while maintaining a high sense of style.

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Now available... Bindica Care Bags

Now available... Bindica Care Bags

When a loved one is in need of some comfort and cannabis is part of their regimen, a Bindica Care Bag can lift spirits and brighten the day.

Bindica, the perfect gift.

Bindica, the perfect gift.

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